15. May 2019 lukas

There’s a special magic in Christmas and New Year which makes us stop for awhile and think about everything that has happened during this year. Some of us wish this year to never stop, the others want to draw the line, close the door and open a new, better one.

As the saying goes, ‘There’s No White Without Black, No Good Without Bad’. Another wise fairy tale says, ‘There aren’t good or bad things happening to us. Only things.’ I have to agree with both of these sayings. That’s why I can’t assess my year as a good or a bad one.

My year 2018 was full of life decisions. My decision to play only doubles doubleshas been one of my hardest so far and for all that I have to say now, at the end of this year, that I am proud of myself. If you stand before a big decision, too, don’t worry, go for it and listen to your heart. Your heart knows what is best for you.

I wish you a happy New Year. I hope it brings you lots of love, health and smiling, because the world always looks brighter from behind a smile.



your Chanti