15. May 2019 lukas

Sh*t happens. That’s how I would sum up my first tournament of the season.

It all began as I arrived to my hotel after a long journey by car, plane, bus, taxi and after waking up at 5 in the morning. I was thrilled to finally have a rest. The entrance door didn’t open, the hotel was closed. After 10 minutes thinking what am I going to do, I spotted a yellow machine with a notice “Take your room key card”. After all those years of travelling, I have come across everything but this was my first experience with such a self check-in machine which charges you and gives you your key card.

Walking to my room, I already expected that after such an “invitation”, this probably won’t be the best hotel ever, but I really didn’t expect my room to have an marihuana odour stronger than Amsterdam downtown. So I went back to the self check-in machine, hoping that it could change my room which was suitable rather for Bob Marley than a professional athlete. Surprisingly, the machine wasn’t able to do that, so I was waiting in a nearby café for a real receptionist till the evening who after disputing and persuading me that it’s just an air-conditioning smell, finally changed my room.

Keeping to my positive mindset, I was telling myself that “bad beginning makes a good ending” and I hoped I´ll achieve some good results on court in compensation for this bad beginning. My single match, however, looked quite different. After a good beginning and 6 setballs, it ended up unsuccessfully. In addition, then there were doubles which also didn’t work out well at all. Despite all of this, I have to mention that I had the best partner ever who made me enjoy my whole trip even more. People say that there’s no friendship in tennis, but I am really glad that I’ve met a cool girl I can talk to and laugh with.

What else should I add in conclusion?

Well… I will have to work much harder and hope that the best is yet to come! 🙂